Something Good

I woke up discouraged.

“Lord, I need to see something good.”  “Please show me something good.”

It is a prayer I pray when people I love are in trouble. This time there were multiple situations that have appeared in a cluster.

I got ready for church, got in the car with my family and put a smile on my face.

The sermon hit me right between the eyes. The Pastor was more eloquent than I can write here, but part of it was a reminder that we are in a battle. Jesus life on earth was full of trouble. Attacks by Satan were frequent. Satan was throwing everything he could at Him.

If our life is easy and calm is it because we are not engaged? If we are a threat to Satan’s plans there will be attacks. If our life is inconsequential, not so much.

I noticed my granddaughter writing furiously beside me as she listened. The trouble has touched her life as well. She talked earnestly to me when we got home. She had things to say to people she loved. She couldn’t put it off. Maybe she could make a difference. I smiled as I saw her youthful zeal.

I am old and tired, but it was time for me to take a breath, pull my boots on and get back in the battle.

And yes, God did show me something good today. Something very, very good.

For further study:

Luke 4:1-13

Here is a link to the message we heard by Pastor Brian Dainsberg