A Fresh Start

This year I stayed up with my Granddaughter, Arianna until midnight.  We started a fire,  watched movies,  made gingerbread houses from a kit. She insisted we write down resolutions.  I have quit doing resolutions years ago, but when pressured by a 10 year old I caved and got out a notebook. Here is my list. (I know enough not to make it long.)

Daily goals

1 – Morning and evening Bible reading.

2 – Play my guitar

3 – Practice my harp – (Something I was going to learn years ago.)

4 – Practice violin with Arianna – She has been patiently waiting for me to teach her.

5 – Write 100 words.

I am hoping I stick with this list of five, but the one that is the most important to me is #1. My life accounts for nothing if I don’t know the one who created me. He has written a living book. One that speaks if we listen. One that changes us if we let it.

Praying you find daily time to be in His Word.

“Make the Book live to me, O Lord,

Show me Thyself within Thy Word.

Show me myself and show me my Savior,

And make the Book live to me.” – R. Hudson Pope