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Lytroo Retreat

I didn’t mean to eavesdrop, but their voices carried quite clearly in the small space.  “You’ve had your trials and now the Lord is going to bless you.”  They were almost giddy.  That is all I heard of the conversation.  I moved farther away and concentrated on my own purposes.  As I got into my car to head home the theology of the statement bothered me.  They were so sure.  It was as if God owed them because of what had gone before.

Here are my questions.  Is that what we live for?  Do we live for God to bless us?  Is life only worth living because of what we can get from God?  Is life really all about us?  Unfortunately the typical American Christian functions that way.  We are self-centered and self-sufficient.  We don’t need God, but if things aren’t going well it is His fault.  We expect Him…

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2 thoughts on “Blessings

  1. And what if (and it is) God’s blessing is Himself…faithful and steadfast through it all? It isn’t about us. Many times we don’t think like that, sadly, myself included. Do we love the gifts – and we should be grateful for what He gives – or do we love the Giver most? Thank you for the reminder.


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