Dealing with Anxiety – Study 4 – The Widow of Zarephath




Today I am thankful the state parks have been “reopened”. There was some confusion between the powers that be and the park workers. Thankfully it was sorted out and the barricades are down. The pictures above are of “Cave Point” in Wisconsin.

I am thankful that my children all have jobs that are considered “essential”.

I am thankful my husband is retired and safe at home.

I am thankful that Arianna has two neighbor children she can “play” with by keeping a garden hose on the lot line to remind them of social boundaries.

I am thankful that piano lessons can continue for Arianna with the magic of Zoom. It is a miracle I was able to figure out the technology to set it up with her piano teacher.

I am also thankful for a good supply of clean water; for plenty of food in my cupboards.

We will be looking at a widow who was in much more dire straights than we are. There was a famine in the land, and the innocent were suffering.

I Kings 16:29-34 will set the stage for the story that can be found in I Kings 17:1-24.

God does at least 3 miracles here. See if you can find more. Notice how God provides for Elijah. Why are these things unusual?

Here is the study template if you need it. anxiety template

I’m eager to hear what you learn from these passages. Don’t forget to comment below. As always, let me know if I can pray for you in any way. Prayer comes easier these days

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