Dealing with Anxiety – Study 6 – Elisha’s servant

Life seems surreal these days. The strangeness of our new every day lives is unnerving.

The unknown is what makes us afraid. We are all trying to cooperate with the new rules, but it is hard. None of us knows what the best course of action is.

I have tried to get out and walk every day. I am less likely to meet someone at the small local parks.


My grandson asked me if I would come and pick him up yesterday. His mother had told him no, but he was hoping I could overrule his mother’s decision. When I called my daughter to discuss his request we agreed we needed to stay put in our own separate houses. She told me I had broken his heart. I was fighting back tears myself.

These inconveniences we are dealing with are mild compared to the passage we are looking at today. II Kings 6:8-23 tells us about a servant who was terrified because of a very real threat that he could see with his eyes. Watch for what Elisha prays for him. Here is the study template if you need it.  anxiety template




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