2021 Art Show 1st – 3rd Grade

Last but not least are the youngest students. They were the most talkative and most enthusiastic. They were also the most anxious for class to be done so they could run around outside. Organization was my best friend with this class. If I wasn’t ready for them all was lost.

I was proud of the ideas they came up with on there own. They didn’t always want to “stick with the brief”. Which, in art, is a good thing. You should be proud of them.

The Swing after Jean Fragonard (Romantic Period) – Mixed Media
Watercolor Scarecrows
Color Wheel Fish – Mixed Media
Sunflowers after Vincent Van Gogh
Tempera Paint
Watercolor Salt Painting with Snowflake Cutouts
Abstract Art after Victor Vasarely
Working Machines – Tempera Paint
Golden Cats with jewels after Gustav Klimt
Front & Profile Portraits after Pablo Picasso
Shanty after Georgia O’Keefe
Shaking Dogs after Iris Scott – Tempera Paint
Raccoons after Charley Harper – Mixed Media

We didn’t quite finish this project, but they were too cute not to show you. Parents, I would be glad to spend a few minutes with each one putting the finishing touches on these. (Chalk lines and stars)

2 thoughts on “2021 Art Show 1st – 3rd Grade

  1. Dear Karen,

    You are an amazing woman! I didn’t know that you were an artist/art teacher! I knew you had musical and writing talent, but you must be a good artist too. I’m quite impressed! I did not get a single shred of artistic talent!


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    • Mary, It is amazing what you learn to do when you homeschool. I never did much with art growing up, but have enjoyed dabbling in it now. I think everyone has artistic talent hidden. Our problem is that we haven’t been given an opportunity to learn or be exposed. You might surprise yourself. I think you would agree that music is a learned skill. Art is the same.


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